Cooking Barbeque tips for New Year at Home

Here are the long-awaited cooking tips to make preparations for New Year’s Eve to be an unforgettable moment. Almost in all countries all over the world, New Year’s Eve is identical to eating together, such as a barbecue party which has always been a favorite of many families. However, preparing a barbecue is not just about having meat and grills. There are several other things that we must prepare in advance so that all family members can enjoy the atmosphere of the barbecue party.  

Here are tips for cooking barbecue at home becomes easier and effortless 

Prepare the Meat 

A wide variety of meat can be our choice. The first cooking tip for barbecue is making sure the meat we choose is thinly sliced so this can shorten the cooking time. 

Season the Meat Before Grilling 

Another important thing that we have to make sure of is to add flavor or seasoning to every roasted meat. we can use ready-to-eat barbecue sauce or make our own. Marinating the meat in the sauce for a few hours is also a good thing to do, as the meat can fully absorb the sauce. 


Preparing BBQ grilling tools & BBQ utensils will help us become a master of the grill.  

BBQ Charcoal Briquettes 

The right choice of good Charcoal also has an important role. The best quality of Charcoal can allow you to enjoy the grill time process as it will give you a longer burning time as well.  

Don’t Dip Meat Before Burning 

The meat that has been marinated in the sauce for a few hours, doesn’t need to be dipped in the sauce before it’s burned. This can make our roasting utensils quickly dirty and difficult to be cleaned after.  

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