Activated carbon potential business

Coconut shell charcoal is more commonly known as an alternative economic fuel for cooking. However, there is a higher economic value from coconut shell charcoal we can consider to start our business.  

By turning coconut shell charcoal into activated carbon, it will transform the values as we can use it to purify water, air, gas purification, FMCG company, pharmaceuticals area, and other uses.  

The coconut shell that will be used as the material for making activated carbon should be in the form of half or a quarter of the size of the shell. This means considering the shape and size, and quality of coconut shells is essential as the coconut shell is not good for making activated carbon if the size is too crushed.  

The coconut shell that is used as the material for making activated carbon is generally from coconut which is used as copra. To make a hight quality activated carbon, the coconut shell must be clean and separated from its coir. 

There are two stages of making quality activated carbon from coconut shells. The first step is making the coconut shell to charcoal using a drum with a lid. Then, the next step is the grinding process of charcoal to produce activated carbon and charcoal powder. The milling is done with a simple engine driven by electricity, diesel, or others.