The Top 5 BBQ Food Countries in the World, Ranked

People have invented techniques to BBQ food all across the world and since the beginning of time. And they’ve honed that technique over ages to provide modern-day folks with delectable food as well as customs of socializing and strengthening social connections over grills. 

However, not every barbecue is made equal, and some nations do it far better than others. Here are the world’s top 5 nations for juicy BBQ, graded from great to out-of-this-world, will-travel-just-for-the-meat, best-thing-you’ve-ever-ate wonderful. 

1. Japan 

Japan has a long history of grilling meat and vegetables in a variety of methods. Expect nothing like the huge amounts and excesses seen in other nations. Small plates are served here, but they are quite filling. 

In street food stalls and specialized restaurants around the country, enjoy grilled meats such irori, rototayaki, and sumibiyaki. Whatever you choose, drink it with sake or a local brew. 

Must-Try BBQ Meal:  

Yakitori Yakitori is a popular and tasty Japanese barbecue dish that comprises of grilled meat, seafood, or vegetable skewers. 

It’s generally prepared using binchotan, a type of white charcoal that doesn’t pollute interior air and imparts a distinct taste to the meat. 

2. Philippines 

Filipinos love their BBQ and do not discriminate against any type of meat. You’ll find delicious dishes in almost any restaurant, but the absolute best way to try Filipino barbecue is in the street. 

Street food stands offer everything from pork and chicken skewers to pork fat rinds and pig’s feet. 

Must-Try BBQ Dish: Lechon 

A dish that Spain forcefully brought into the Philippines, Lechon is now one of Filipinos’ favorite dishes. It is usually reserved for special occasions like Christmas and festivals.  

The dish consists of a whole pig on a stick roasted over charcoal. The process is laborious and takes hours, which gives the end result its crispiness and deep-grilled flavor. 

3. Australia 

The nicest thing about Australian barbecues is how unassuming and laid-back they are, much like the rest of the nation. 

Enjoy wonderful company and even better food at a barbecue, which includes everything from chicken wings to steak to lamb chops, grilled onions, and corn on the cob. 

Must-Try BBQ Dish: Squid 

You’ll likely have tried all the other regular features of an Australian barbecue, so go ahead and try some delicious grilled squid if you get the chance.

4. South Korea 

Korean BBQ is a whole experience in South Korea. You’ll need to first pick whatever cuisine you want – kalbi, bulgogi, samgyeopsal, and so on — before heading to a restaurant that specialized in it. 

Once you arrive, you’ll sit around a grill with a huge tube hanging over it, grilling the meat while the tube absorbs the smoke. All Koreans have perfected the technique of grilling meat to perfection. 

The meat is served with banchans, or side dishes, including as kimchi, spicy radish salad, steam veggies, and other options. Rice and soup are also available upon request. To go all the way, order soju and beer, and mix it to make delicious smoke. 

Must-Try BBQ Dish: Samgyeopsal 

Korean pork belly is certainly one of the best BBQ dishes in the country. You’ll find restaurants for it in almost every corner in Korea, especially in big cities like Seoul.   

If you’re traveling around the country, try different varieties. For instance, the green tea fields of Boseong have specialty samgyeopsal that comes from pigs exclusively fed organic green tea. Trust us, it really does change the taste. 

5. United States 

The competition is hard, but the winner is clear — nobody does barbecue as well as the U.S.  

What kind of barbecue you get depends on where in this gigantic country you are. Go to Kansas City, “the Barbecue Capital of the World” for slow-smoked meat slathered in sauce; to South Carolina for pulled pork; and to Texas for, well, basically everything. 

Must-Taste BBQ Meal: Brisket  

It’s difficult to select just one dish to try in the United States, but if you have to, make it brisket. The meat has been cooked for hours and is so tender that it nearly melts in your tongue.  

Don’t be surprised if you are immediately converted into a brisket preacher who begins telling anyone who will listen that their life will never be the same after trying this dish. 

That is all the top 5 BBQ Countries in the world, you can try those delicious food when you are abroad or try it on the local BBQ restaurant at your country.