Soil pollution is one of the major concerns around the world. The soil pollution is caused by chemicals (pollutants or contaminants) with such a high concentration of pollutants in the soil that it may enter the human system causing health issues or going into the ecosystem with following damages to our earth. 

Soil pollution is one of the important environmental problems. Other problems are climate change and global warming among many. 

Soil Pollution Cause 

Soil pollution is caused by both natural processes and human activities. The soil pollution may occur due to the presence of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, ammonia, petroleum hydrocarbons, lead, nitrate, mercury, naphthalene, etc. 

There are several reasons of soil pollution: 

Solid Soil Pollution 

Waste is not only liquid, but also solid. Solid waste is the remainder of production or consumption activities that have solid forms. Waste is the remainder of the production of a certain item which is usually produced by industries.  

Soil Pollution by Liquid Waste 

Liquid waste means waste in the form of liquid or water. Liquid waste is not only produced by factories, but households too. Liquid waste may pollute the soil as it is absorbed into the soil and then it may destroy the good substances in the soil. 

Soil Pollution by Inorganic Waste 

Inorganic waste is waste that is difficult to decipher or will be decomposed over a very long period of time. This waste is usually found in human consumption activities. Such as bottles, plastics, cans, and so on. 

Soil Pollution by Organic Waste 

We can find this waste in household and small-scale industries. This organic waste is a waste which can be decomposed immediately or in a short period of time. This kind of waste is not really endangering the soil but will still have an effect on the growth and development of plants in the vicinity. 

Examples of this organic waste are oil, paint, household waste, dry leaves, and others. 

Soil Pollution by Industrial Waste  

Industrial waste is waste generated from community industrial activities or factory production activities. This industrial waste usually has a larger scale meaning that the results of dumping the waste are even more critical. Industrial waste is usually more dangerous because of its higher chemical content. Industrial companies that produce waste may cause the soil to become infertile and have poor soil structure for planting 

Soil Pollution by Agricultural Waste 

Agricultural waste can also cause soil pollution. 

Fertilizers and pesticides that contain a lot of chemicals will be able to seep into the soil and then provide damage to the soil tissues meaning that over time the soil becomes infertile and no longer is productive to farming. 


The impact of Soil Pollution on Health 

Human beings may be affected by soil pollution. Different forms of diseases, ranging from nausea, headaches over to the more serious cases such as kidney and liver damage to cancer 

The impact of Soil Pollution on Ecosystem 

Another impact that can be caused by soil pollution is on the ecosystem. Soil is a very sensitive material and is very easy to cause changes in chemical content and structure contained in the soil. 

When soil is polluted, it will damage the ecosystem in the whole region. The environment in this ecosystem will feel uncomfortable and many functions will not work properly or be detrimental.