Improve Your Workplace Environment

Poor workplace environment can influence you working performances that leads to less productive. Which is why by improving your workplace environment in the office can help you to be more productive and boost your work performance that leads to a good working assessment. 

Here are the five ways how to improve your workplace environment that you can try in your office. 

  1. Indoor Plants 
    Having some indoor plants in your workplace brings so much positive energy to you and your co-workers. The indoor plants can clean the indoor air and absorb the unwanted gases such as carbon dioxide.  
    Infact, Dr Fraser Torpy, the director of the university of Technology Sydney Plants and Indoor Environmental Quality Research Group has stated that the indoor plans can reduce the levels of carbon dioxide about 10% in air-conditioned offices, and about 25% in building without air conditioning. 
  1. Natural lighting 
    A recent study at Cornell has said that the workers who exposed to natural light experienced an 84% drop in issues such as headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision. Those symptoms can lead to lower your working performances. 
    In that case, make sure to open window or curtain so your body can get a good amount of natural light that leads to positive mood and working performance. 
  1. Clean-up regularly 
    Cleaning your workplace regularly can help you to improve your working performances. Indoor room contain many harmful particles such as dusts, mould, PM 2.5, smoke and other smaller particles that can reduce your body immunity as well as cough, headaches, and respiratory disorder. 
  1. Keep your environment smoke-free 
    Create your workplace environment smoke-free. The smoke of tobacco or kitchen can pollute indoor are that can suffocate you and create a bad environment in your offices. 
    In order to create a smoke-free environment, you can create a special place for smokers to smoke their cigarettes in a designated smoking area such as a smoking cabin that can be install in indoor area. 

Those are the four ways in how to improve your workplace environment. You can try another way and be creative to create a better environment that can boost your working performances.