3 Kinds of People Who Need an Air Purifier

During the pandemic of covid-19, air purifier is the most wanted item in the electronic devices. Many people are looking and buying air purifier because it is claimed can filtered poor air into cleaner and fresher air. 

Which is what we need since the covid-19 is spreading through the air. 

Is it important to keep indoor air quality good? 

Of course, it is important to keep indoor air quality good and clean. 

Adults spend 80% of their time indoor to work and resting. Indoor room have so many pollution sources that harm our air quality. 

Such as carpets, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, and many more indoor air pollution resources. 

Those resources can release carbon dioxide, particulate matter, toxins, and many other harmful particles that harm our health and body. 

How does Air Purifier Help Us? 

Air purifier is really a best deal to improve indoor air quality. 

It is all because the air purifier is equipped with high-quality air filtration system at its class. 

Air filtration system is the standard part of air purifier must have. Usually, they have 3-stages of air filtration; pre filter can trap large dust, HEPA Filter is designated to absorb smaller particles up to 0.3 microns, carbon filter is effective in removing smoke and odour in indoor room. 

Who should consider to buy an air purifier? 

Pet Owner 

If you are a pet owner and have a cat or dog in your home, then you should definitely need an air purifier in your home. 

Dogs and cats have dander and odour that can lasts longer in the air. Those things can sick yourself, which is why you need an air purifier to remove dander and odour from your pet and you can easily breathe fresher air every day. 

Asthma and Allergies Sufferers 

If you are an asthma or allergies sufferers, then you should invest in an air purifier. 

As we explained previously, the air purifier is great to improve indoor air, it can trap and absorb dusts and other particles that can trigger asthma and allergies, such as mold, animal dander, and pollen. 

By using the air purifier, you can easily breathe without worrying to those particles. 

Live in a Big City 

Big city has so many pollutions that comes from transportations, industry, and many more. 

Even though you are stay inside your home or offices, the outdoor pollution can enter into your home through the ventilation or windows. 

By placing the air purifier near to your ventilation, you do not have to worry to breathe polluted air in your home.